Tikehau Capital launches fund for Banca March clients in Spain

Alternative asset management and investment group Tikehau Capital has announced the creation of its first European long-term investment fund (ELTIF) dedicated to Banca March private clients in Spain.

Publicado Tuesday, April 28th 2020
Tikehau Capital launches fund for Banca March clients in Spain

Carmen Alonso

Banca March is a 100 per cent family owned Spanish bank, specialising in private banking.

This ELTIF fund will be targeting all Banca March clients, offering them access to private equity investment products focused on energy transition.

This will replicate Tikehau Capital’s energy transition fund launched with Total SA in 2018.

The European ELTIF label was created in 2015 at the initiative of European authorities and applies to alternative investment funds (AIF) with the objective of providing long term financing to the “real economy”.

Carmen Alonso (pictured), head of Iberia at Tikehau Capital, said: "We are pleased to partner up with one of the most reputed private banks in Spain, Banca March, with whom we share the same philosophy of co-investing alongside our clients and strong alignment of interests.”

Thomas Friedberger, co-chief investment officer and chief executive officer of Tikehau Investment Management added: “We are proud that Banca March has decided to partner with us to satisfy its private clients’ demand for private equity investment supported by a strong ESG conviction. Driving energy transition through a long-term initiative to create growth is a key focus for our company.”

Juan Antonio Roche, head of products area at Banca March, said: “It is our pleasure to announce the partnership with Tikehau, a leading investor in Europe that shares with us a common understanding of servicing clients as much as the financial opportunity behind energy transition. We could not think of a better time to move ahead with the changes in progress, a world that after the Covid-19 will reinforce and accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable energy system. Tikehau Capital’s Energy Transition fund contributes with impact today while investing in already profitable companies that are active in this growing business.”