Banco Santander Launches €1bn Private Equity Platform for SMEs

Banco Santander has launched a €1 billion private equity platform called Tresmares Capital.

Publicado Tuesday, December 17th 2019
Banco Santander Launches €1bn Private Equity Platform for SMEs

Rami Aboukhair

The Tresmares Capital team consists of professionals specialising in private equity fund management, direct financing, venture capital and transaction structuring. The aim of the new platform will be to identify and support SMEs with the “greatest growth potential in Spain”, a Santander statement said.

Banco Santander will provide a fund of up to €900 million for private debt and will have a 40 per cent share in a private equity investment fund worth €175 million.

Tresmares Capital, which will be a separate entity from Santander, has been created for a “very particular niche market”, mainly companies with an EBITDA of between €1 million and €7 million, that have been identified as having the greatest growth potential, the statement said.


Santander said the launch of Tresmares Capital meant it was the “only financial institution in Spain to offer a full range of the financial products available on the market (bank loans, private debt and venture capital) to cover all of the needs of SMEs in each phase of their development”.


The Tresmares team will be headed up by Borja Pérez Arauna and Borja Oyarzábal. Since 2003, they have been closely involved in the development of Qualitas Equity, which currently manages more than €1,500 million.

Rami Aboukhair, chief executive officer of Santander Spain, said: “We are very excited about this project and convinced that it will have a big impact on the development of Spanish companies with high growth potential, which will give a strong boost to the new economy and the creation of jobs in the future.


“For the first time ever in Spain, an institution is providing SMEs with all of the alternative financing formulas that exist on the market and the best advice for meeting their specific needs at all times. This platform is going to be a supplement to our usual offer and goes beyond what is expected of a bank, which will, no doubt, strengthen our leadership as a benchmark for the new way of corporate banking.”