Peruvian law firm MCG launches

Peruvian MCG Law Firm has launched, founded by Ray Meloni, a former director of the directorate of distinctive signs of Indecopi, and Jean-Carlo Costa, a former commissioner at the country’s copyright commission and who, in addition, has 12 years’ experience in the private sector.

Posté le mercredi, novembre 30 2022
Peruvian law firm MCG launches

MCG offers legal advice on intellectual property, unfair competition, advertising, consumer protection and personal data protection, content management and protection, monetization of innovation and intellectual property elements and negotiation, from preliminary diagnosis to the design of customized strategies.

“The firm’s scope is to advise and assist its clients strategically and successfully managing the intellectual property rights of innovations, know-how and new technologies, adding value in their proposal and protect your intangible assets,” the newly founded firm said in a statement.

In addition, MCG will offer different options to protect and transform innovations, know-how and new technologies into value, based on innovative and solid strategies for the management of intellectual property that allow you to adapt in a safe and very easy way.

In addition to working as a founding partner of the firm, Meloni works as an international consultant on intellectual property for IPKey, and a member of the controversy resolution tribunal at Osignermin. He is also a professor on the master’s degree course in entrepreneurial law at the Universidad de Lima.

For his part, Jean-Carlo Costa is a professor in copyright law at the Universidad de Lima, and a professor of law at the Universidad ESAN, and of trademarks and patents at the Universidad de Piura. Prior to co-founding MCG Law firm, he was a senior associate at law firm Osterling Abogados, as well as having held the same post in three other prestigious law firms. He holds an executive MBA from the Universidad de Chile.