Mexico’s Solis, specializing in tax law, launches

Christian Solis, a former partner at SMPS Legal, where he led the tax litigation practice, has set up his own firm, Mexico City-based Solis, a boutique firm specialized in consulting and strategic tax litigation.

Posté le Monday, August 2nd 2021
Mexico’s Solis, specializing in tax law, launches

Christian is a lawyer specializing in tax law and has more than 18 years of experience in the field, which has allowed him to successfully advise national and international clients.

He launched the new firm with Jorge Arturo Rodriguez and Alfonso Pagaza, who are also former attorneys at SMPS Legal.

Both associates have extensive experience in consulting and strategic tax litigation, having worked together with Christian for many years.

In addition to the three abovementioned lawyers, the team includes two law clerks and administrative staff.

Although the firm does not currently foresee the expansion of the practice area, it does contemplate the growth of the team in order to be able to provide quality attention and a level of excellence to all of the firm's clients.

"The opening of a tax boutique will allow us to provide a highly specialized service, without neglecting the personalized attention that has distinguished us throughout our professional practice," Christian Solis, founding partner of Solis, said.

He added that the ‘new Mexican reality’, especially with the entry of new reforms in tax matters, forces companies to review their processes in detail and seek the implementation of preventive actions.

Christian and his team have advised clients in various economic sectors in Mexico, including gas and electricity (generation and transmission), retail, finance and banking, hotels and restaurants, insurance, capital markets, automotive, pharmaceuticals and real estate, among others.

Christian Solis earned his law degree from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), and has a specialization in taxation from the Universidad Panamericana.

He also completed a diploma course in international taxation, also at ITAM.