Argentine Law Firm García Pullés & Calatrava Relaunches

Argentine law firm García Pullés & Calatrava is relaunching, as the founding partners who had since incorporated into local firm O’Farrell, have announced their return to their signature firm.

Posté le jeudi, septembre 24 2020
Argentine Law Firm García Pullés & Calatrava Relaunches

Fernando García Pullés and Daniel Calatrava announced that García Pullés & Calatrava reopened on September 1st in Buenos Aires.

“Our law firm has always been strongly committed to providing a cutting-edge service. We especially emphasize the importance of a personalized relationship with all our clients, and even more so now, considering the dynamic of the current and forthcoming situation,” the partners said in a statement.

Outlining the firm’s vision, the partners added that: “a long, professional career -qualified by performance in judicial functions, in public administration and in the private sector, has led us to prioritize personal commitment to our clients as the main value of our services,” according to the law firm’s web page. 

 “We have decided to channel our efforts into those areas of practice where the experience and background of our lawyers ensure a privileged capacity and quality, while being open to its expansion when the situation warrants it, through the enrollment of new, specialized professionals.”

The law firm’s practices cover public and administrative law, litigation and dispute resolution, family and inheritance law, real estate, entertainment and gaming, and local and international arbitration.

Fernando García Pullés is one of the region’s most experience practitioners of administrative law, advising not only international organizations but also arbitrating on issues related to administrative law in controversies that have sovereign nations as participants.

He has acted as an advisor to a number of companies, in areas related to contentious-administrative law, contracts and public works, gas distribution, energy generation, transportation and distribution, the automotive industry, the organization of real estate developments, and the pharmaceutical and entertainment industries.

His clients have included Ford Argentina, Du Pont de Argentina, Constructora Andrade Gutiérrez (Brazil), Naturgy Ban and Pampa Energía.

Daniel Calatrava is the firm’s principal legal advisor in the area of ​​civil and commercial litigation, specializing in commercial cases involving multinational companies in the Argentina, and his clients have included Ford Motor Company, Nextel Communications de Argentina, BASF Argentina, Gas Natural Fenosa (now Naturgy) and the Republic of Ecuador in its arbitration case against US oil company Chevron, among others. He acted as local counsel for Ford Argentina for almost a decade.

The two founding partners’ work is completed by an all-female team of four lawyers, Noemi Apezechea, Marisa de Angelis, Lucía Doello and Lucía Fernández Urquizú.