“There are always multiple risks hidden in each legal issue”

Cristina Ramon Escarré, Corporate and Legal Department Manager for Spanish agricultural producer Borges International Group, talks about the challenges of working in dynamic legal environments and how her company responded to the pandemic.

Publicado lundi, mars 21 2022
“There are always multiple risks hidden in each legal issue”

LL: What are some of the biggest legal issues you deal with as the Corporate Legal Department Manager at Borges?

Escarré: We could highlight the fact that the constant legislative activity requires a significant effort of continuous adaptation so that the company's activity is permanently aligned with the law. However, in the Borges legal department we always give equal importance to all the matters we deal with, since, although the economic value of the matter could be a criterion that gives more weight to one subject than another, we never forget the fact that there are always multiple risks hidden in each legal issue that, whether real or potential, must be prevented or mitigated.


What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment so far?

Borges' legal department has a great focus on prevention, for which it has done, and continues to do, a great job of implementing a culture of regulatory compliance at all levels of the organization. Although it cannot be considered an achievement as such since it is [the result of] constant and continuous work over time that ultimately has no end, we can appreciate the awareness and sensitivity of the organization to this culture of prevention.


Did you experience any specific legal challenges as a result of the pandemic, and if so, how did you deal with them?

Because the food sector is considered an essential activity, the activity of Borges International Group has fortunately followed its usual path. As a result, we haven’t really seen any significant legal issues crop up as a result of the pandemic.

However, we have been forced to face risks that, although they existed before, have become more acute, such as cybersecurity and compliance with legislation regarding the protection of personal data. This has forced us to impose measures both internally and externally, which basically translates into the implementation of security measures and new requirements for contracting with third parties that are related to new technologies.


What do you expect to be the biggest challenges for your department in the coming year?

The biggest challenge for Borges' legal department is to continue to comply with the law and trying to reconcile its functions with the needs of the business, with the aim of always being an enabling vehicle.


What do you look for when selecting outside counsel?

The outsourcing of legal services by the Borges legal department is always conditioned by specialization in the matter and proven experience in the legal field in question, as well as the commitment to achieve the most favorable result for all parties. Given the international presence of the Borges Group through its subsidiaries and the fact that it exports its products to more than 100 countries (which implies conforming with legislation from multiple countries) internationalization is another element of value.