Santiago CAM’s Arbitration and Mediation Center elects new president

María Agnes Salah has been named the new president of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS).

Publicado vendredi, octobre 20 2023
Santiago CAM’s Arbitration and Mediation Center elects new president

María Agnes is a lawyer with a PhD in law from the University of Chile and an LLM from Harvard University, and has been an arbitrator of the Arbitration and Mediation Center (CAM) since 2013.

She has extensive academic and professional experience and was elected to the role by the Board of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of CAM Santiago, while Juan Pablo Schaeffer takes over as CAM Santiago’s new vice-president.

Speaking of her new role, María Agnes said: "I am grateful for the opportunity to lead CAM Santiago alongside the outstanding members of our council, an institution that has excelled over the past 30 years as a transcendent actor in the resolution of commercial disputes”.

“I hope to contribute to the growth of this institution, both in the field of arbitration and mediation, with the excellence and professionalism that has characterized it," she added.

Maria Teresa Vial, president of the CCS, emphasized that "the arrival of Maria Agnes Salah to CAM Santiago will be a great contribution to the institution, thanks to her outstanding professional experience, and her extensive knowledge in the field of conflict resolution, which is aligned with the outstanding growth that the center has had in recent years, both nationally and internationally".

She also thanked outgoing president Manuel José Vial for his work and contribution to CAM Santiago during his term, and which “has undoubtedly enabled a favorable positioning and growth of the institution".

The new president of CAM Santiago, together with the twelve counselors, will have the mission of continuing with the elaboration, maintenance and updating of the lists of arbitrators and national mediators, as well as the designation of these in the cases administered by the center.

Meanwhile, Macarena Letelier, executive director of CAM Santiago, explained that next year the center will organize the II World Summit on Mediation and Business, and which is expected to welcome speakers from more than 20 countries, with a view to building trust and agreements in the business world.