Ana Gómez: “We expect to see further reforms to labor law that will bring profound changes”

Ana Gómez, president of the National Association of Labor Lawyers (ASNALA) discusses the organization's 21st Congress taking place in Granada this week.

Publicado lundi, octobre 18 2021
Ana Gómez: “We expect to see further reforms to labor law that will bring profound changes”

Leader’s League: What are the goals for this year's congress?


Gómez: Hosting the first Congress following the difficult period we have just gone through is a challenge in itself, and we are working to make it a very special event. While maintaining all of the appropriate health and safety measures, more than 260 attendees will meet in person. To that end, we have prepared a magnificent recreational program in the incomparable and historic city of Granada.


Another important objective is to strengthen the Congress' position as the most important event for labor lawyers in Spain. The Congress represents the best way for attendees to catch up on the latest legal developments in the country. 


Therefore, we have worked hard to provide an excellent program that includes topics of practical interest delivered by knowledgeable speakers. Nothing is more important than being able to hear all points of view on an issue, so we have solicited a variety of opinions, including participation and presentations by labor unions.


We also plan to continue the international expansion of the Congress. We want to grow beyond our borders, with the participation of our colleagues from the UK, Italy, and Germany.

How does ASNALA differ from other labor and employment associations?


Our focus is on the associate and making them feel that belonging to ASNALA adds value. We have significantly increased our training services and are providing constant updates on all the latest developments in the labor world.


Our management team is primarily focused on maintaining as close a relationship as possible between the associates and our stakeholders (administrative institutions, academics, magistrates, labor inspectors, and corporation). We have signed collaboration agreements with the majority of these parties in our order to provide our associates with global, 360-degree service.

What are the biggest challenges for labor lawyers in Spain?


The main challenge we have is legal certainty, which is essential for companies and the guarantee of workers' rights. During COVID we saw a huge amount of complicated legislation passed, which still needs to be clarified in many ways. In addition, we are also starting to see the arrival of new regulations as part of reconstruction efforts. As a result, we expect to see further reforms to labor law that will bring profound changes, which will require members of the legal profession to be as prepared as possible to apply them while maintaining standards of excellence and legal protection for their clients.