Italy: Strong Local Roots

Small and medium sized enterprises and family businesses dominate the Italian economic landscape. The high quality of niche and luxury “made in Italy” products, and the strong potential of its market, have ignited the interest of foreign investors. After a long economic downturn, the country has regained international credibility, creating opportunities for independent law firms.

  • Premium Intellectual Property firms

    Know-how, creativity, fashion and design represent the excellence of the Italian industry. Companies are increasingly conscious of the importance of their intangible assets, whose protection requires good advice. In this section you will find in-depth contributions of leading Italian IP firms.

  • Leading independent law firms

    Despite a wide presence of Anglo-Saxons law firms, the market remains dominated by local independent firms, who have been witnessing a booming in corporate work. Italian firms are emerging from their sheltered market and are now seeking to strengthen their international presence, in order to support their clients’ global exposure.