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Our Market Intelligence Report Series provides annual compilations of industry benchmarks, top legal and finance company rankings, market analysis and interviews with thought leaders, published by practice area.

Professional events for top executives

Leaders League is the leading provider of professional events that enable senior executives to share innovative strategies, best practices, expert opinions and views. Each member benefits directly from access to a wide network of industry leaders, opinion makers and peers.

Career management & digital communication

For companies aiming to actively shape their reputation as an employer, Leaders League provides an innovative solution, a "Virtual Job Fair" powered by

Within this online platform, each member can optimize its recruitment process and market its company as an attractive workplace. The solution, tested by 6 000 employers, allows member companies to attract, engage and retain the bests talents in a simple and a cost-effective way.

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Through, the group provides an online platform to match law students and universities' Masters of law. is one of the most informative sources of legal recruitment and training knowledge at the international level. screenshot — a global network in the legal world


Accenture's CEO and CFO interview by Leaders League Group

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