Germany: The Power of Diversification
The economic landscape and working practices make this market totally atypical and complex, but the country still has a lot to offer. More than ten years after the arrival en masse of the British and American law firms, Germany is weighing its options and heading for greater stability.
  • Leading Intellectual property firms
    No.1 innovative place in Europe, Germany is home to the European Patent Office. Intellectual Property firms live prosperous times in a very competitive environment.
  • Independent Full-service firms
    From German Mittelstand to multinationals, clients require both deep legal expertise and understanding of local culture, and full-service law firms have all their advantages.
  • Strong Economy & Finance
    German economy is dynamic and diversified
  • Ambitious international law firms
    The Germany legal market is crowded with over 50 international firms competing with major national firms and small boutiques.