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Startups & Innovation - Law Firms - Brazil - 2020 Rankings

Law firm
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  • Pedro Henrique Ramos, Luis Felipe Baptista Luz, Thomas Becker Pfeferman, Diego Nabarro, Sérgio Cury Meirelles, Fernando Bousso
  • Larissa Galimberti, Bruno Balduccini, Fernando Mirandez Del Nero Gomes, Leonardo Baptista Rodrigues Cruz, Ricardo Binnie
  • Fábio Pereira, Sérgio Bronstein, Guilherme Peres Potenza, Ivan Marques, Marcos Coelho da Rocha
Valuable practice
  • Marcela Figueiró, Tomás Neiva
Startups and Innovation Pioneers

Baptista Luz Advogados


Diego Nabarro, Fernando Bousso, Luis Felipe Baptista Luz, Pedro H. Ramos, Sérgio Cury Meirelles and Thomas Pfeferman



Track record: Front-running team respected for its leading knowledge of the Brazilian startup ecosystem. Well-equipped to advise major startups and technology companies – such as Rappi, C6 and Warren - on every stage of contractual, regulatory and investment mandates. Additionally represents prominent accelerators, incubators, funds and industry associations such as ABStartups and Startup Farm.
Team & differentiation: Consisting of three partners and 24 associates, the firm’s Startups & Venture Capital practice was recently boosted by the arrival of new Florianópolis-based partner Rafael Peixoto Abal. The team’s attorneys are highly sought after for the strength of their institutional ties with top-tier accelerators, funds, angel investors and corporate ventures.
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Big-Ticket Startup Advisors

Ulhôa Canto Advogados


Pedro Chueiri



Track record: Top-tier practice respected for its transactional capabilities assisting with big-ticket venture capital, technology and startup deals. Valued for its experience advising leading startups and funds such as Grow, Loft and Riverwood Capital on financing rounds, exits routes and the tax aspects of sector-related transactions. Noted for its outstanding track record in high-value cross-border deals.
Team & differentiation: This lean practice consists of eight highly qualified attorneys who are led by corporate and venture capital expert, Pedro Chueiri. Mr. Chueiri earned an LL.M. from the London School of Economics and has built up over 15 years of experience assisting innovative companies and funds with high-value transactional mandates.
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Admired Startups Counsel

Felsberg Advogados


Bárbara Santos, Clarissa Luz, Evy Marques and Júlia Ribeiro



Track record: Full-service outfit singled out for its excellent track record advising key players from the innovation ecosystem such as startups, incubators, accelerators and venture capital funds from the beginning to the end of project cycles. Valued by names such as Hulu, AB2L and Stilingue for its extensive experience assisting with strategic structuring, development, investment and exit mandates.  
Team & differentiation: Founded in 1970, Felsberg Advogados is celebrating its 50th anniversary and today stands at over 100 attorneys. Partner Clarissa Luz and associate Bárbara Santos recently joined the firm’s bustling Innovation, Startups and Venture Capital practice, which consists of 12 lawyers and is captained by admired startup specialist, Evy Marques.
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A Thriving Startup & Innovation Practice

BVA - Barreto Veiga & Advogados


Felipe Barreto Veiga, Fernando Rosas and José Artur Storani Cilurzo



Track record: Well-known boutique valued for its expertise representing established startups and innovative companies from the e-commerce, information technology and telecommunications sectors. Capably handles the legal side of setting up, developing and launching startups in the Brazilian ecosystem. Client portfolio includes names such as VTEX, Domo Invest and Suno Research.
Team & differentiation: Founded in 2015 and already consisting of 13 lawyers, this respected São Paulo-based firm is captained by founding partner Felipe Barreto Veiga, an IP and corporate attorney with impressive skills in startups and technology deals. Recently, Fernando Rosas joined from Goldman Sachs and is the new head of the firm’s Fintechs & Foreign Investment practice.
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Cutting-Edge Startups and VC Experts

Pg Advogados


Rodrigo de Campos Vieira and Laís Monte Claudio Fagundes



Track record: Compact practice highly regarded for its cutting-edge knowledge of the Brazilian startups and innovation ecosystem. Routinely procured by leading venture capital funds, startups from the real estate and payment solutions spheres as well as major corporations for its expertise handling strategic sector-related investments and corporate venture deals.
Team & differentiation: Renowned startup attorney, Rodrigo de Campos Vieira, leads the department and has over 20 years of experience working with financial market regulations and structuring major fund-raising deals. Recently, he advised A5 Capital Partners on its high-profile merger with Inseed Investimentos which led to the creation of Brazil’s largest venture capital fund manager, KPTL.
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Here is our 2020 ranking of the best Brazilian Law Firms in Startups & Innovation. This ranking was created after a year-long investigation. Our team took into consideration data from multiple sources, such as peer and client recommendation, growth, and importance of different cases. This ranking intends to be a decision-making tool for leaders and is available online in five languages.

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