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Technologies, internet & telecommunications - Management and organization advice - Ranking 2019 - Consulting firm - France

Consulting firm
  • Jean-Marie Hennes, Laurent Julia, Olivier Favre, Fabien Jacquot
  • Jean-Michel Huet, Sylvain Chevallier, Henri Tcheng, Nicolas Reffait
  • François Fretin, Emmanuel Dupont, Olivier Richard, Stéphane Yeou, Marc Sabatier
  • Jean-Michel Cagin, Charles-Edouard Bouée, Denis Depoux, Nicolas Teisseyre, Anne Bioulac
  • Karim Hatem, Yoram Bosc-Haddad, Fabrice Catala, Angelos Souriadakis, Annick de Vanssay, Fabien Goeller

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