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Tax law - Wealth tax - Ranking 2018 - Law firm - France

Law firm
  • 2
  • Michael Khayat, Stéphanie Auferil, Marine Dupas, Julien Riahi
  • Renaud Streichenberger, Pierre-Henri Durand, Sébastien de Monès
  • Marie-Lorraine Henry, Patricia Jolicard, Jean-François Desbuquois, Christian Reynaud Fourton
  • PIERRE-OLIVIER BERNARD, Antoine Degorce, Thomas Fitte
  • Arnaud de Brosses, Laurent Partouche, Frederic Donnedieu de Vabres
  • Frédéric Subra, Paulette Trillat, Jean-Philippe Delsol, Mathieu Le Tacon
  • Silvestre Tandeau de Marsac
  • Céline Coudy-Rolland, Pierre-Charles Lannemajou, Pierre Sappey
  • Jean-Guillaume Follorou, Patrice Lefevre Pearon
  • Valérie Sebbag, Philippe Rochmann, Olivier Laurent
  • Christopher Lalloz, Jean-François Louit, Laurent Borey, Benjamin Homo
Valuable practice
  • Emmanuel du Douët, Cyril Maucour, Philippe Woerner, Jerome Granotier
  • Nikolaj Milbradt, Violaine Bouquillard
In 2018 as every year, the League Leaders Group (publisher of the magazine makers) publishes a new edition of its ranking dedicated to the best lawyers specializing in property taxation. Real working tool for savers and investors, law firms ranking is made after an investigation of several months. To this end, investigators League Leaders group had contact with professionals in the management of the most famous heritage (private banks, lawyers, notaries, family office ...). Questionnaires were sent by the hundreds. Our rankings are based on several criteria. Among them retain the reputation of the firm, the expertise of the partners and their ability to impose on reference board records. The departments of revenue and studied the growth and dynamism of the teams are also the criteria that may have an impact on the place of the teams in the standings. Other industry professionals (bankers, advice, investors) are also asked to comment on the positioning of the firms in our rankings.

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