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Private Equity - Small-cap LBO transactions - Ranking 2019 - Investment bank - France

Investment bank
  • 1
  • Thibault Laroche-Joubert, Jean-Arthur Dattée, Michel Degryck, Jean-Pierre Brice, Alexandre Ebin, Nicolas Balon
  • Eric Félix-Faure, Thibaut de Monclin
  • Yves Kerveillant, Thibaut Regnier-Vigouroux
  • Philippe Delecourt, Philippe Laurent, Jérôme Luis, Didier Busquet, Michèle Fine, Sidney Serval
  • Enrick Gane, Anthony Ginieis, Laurent Mouflin, Karine Curtis Osorovitz, Michel Lafon, Adrien Tourres

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