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Private Equity - Mid-cap LBO transactions - Ranking 2018 - Investment bank - France

Investment bank
  • S. Benouaich, N. Durieux, F. Prioux, A. Matheron, Fabrice MARTINEAU, Eric Hamou, David BENIN
  • Bruno Stern, Ludovic Tron, François Rivalland, Jean Baptiste Marchand, Nicolas SEGRETAIN, Patrick Maurel
  • Laurent Buiatti, Pierpaolo Carpinelli, Richard Thil, Virginie Lazès, Pierre Sader, Jean-Christophe Quiniou
  • Cyril Kammoun, Jean Peyrelevade, Franck Silvent, Jérôme Laurre, Bertrand Manet, Franck Ceddaha, Gwénaël de Sagazan
  • Eric Favier, Jean-Louis Kirch, Geoffroy Pacault

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