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Mergers & acquisitions - Complex or potentially litigious transactions - Ranking 2018 - Law firm - France

Law firm
  • 1
  • Olivier Assant, Elena Baxter, Alexander Blackburn, Sophie Cornette de Saint Cyr, Barthélémy Courteault, Patrick Dziewolski, Clémence Fallet, Florence Haas, Benjamin Kanovitch, Didier Martin, Emmanuel Masset, José Maria Pérez, Matthieu Pouchepadass, Sébastien Prat, Kate Romain, Adrien Simon
  • Marcus Billam, Bertrand Cardi, Forrest Alogna, Emmanuel Brochier, Benjamin Burman, Pierre Casanova, Jean-Michel Darrois, Hugo Diener, Tristan Gautier, Olivier Huyghues Despointes, Alain Maillot, Jean-Baptiste de Martigny, Christophe Vinsonneau
  • David Aknin, Emmanuelle Henry, Arthur de Baudry d'Asson, Frédéric Cazals, Jean Beauchataud, Yannick Piette, A. Duguay, Claude Serra, Agathe Soilleux
  • 1
  • Jean-Emmanuel Skovron, Youssef Djehane, Antoine Bonnasse, Thomas Meli, Marc Loy
  • Georges Terrier, Christophe Perchet, Jacques Naquet-Radiguet
  • Fabrice de La Morandière, Arnaud de La Cotardière, Paul Lignières
  • Armand W. Grumberg, Pascal Bine, Arash Attar-Rezvani
  • David Boitout, Michel Pitron, Jiannian Fan, Axelle Toulemonde, Audrey Kukulski, Pierre Karpik, Bruno Quentin, Hugues Scalbert, Antoine Lelong, Jean Gabriel Flandrois, Guillaume Rougier-Brierre, Nadège Nguyen, Olivier Diaz, Julien David, Christophe Eck, Didier G. Martin, Antoine de la Gatinais
  • Frank Martin Laprade, Philippe Portier, Karl Hepp de Sevelinges
  • Olivier du Mottay, Patrick Laporte, Fabrice Fages, Pierre-Louis Cléro, Thomas Margenet-Baudry
  • Jean Veil, Georges Jourde, Géraud Saint Guilhem, Laurent Jobert, François de Navailles, Pierre Deval
As every year, the League Leaders Group (publisher of the magazine makers) publishes a new edition of its ranking dedicated to the best mergers and acquisitions lawyers on transactions exceeding € 500 million. Working tool aimed at business banks and companies, ranking of law firms is performed after an investigation of several months. To this end, investigators League Leaders group had contact with legal professionals of the most reputable business (investment banks, financial advice, entrepreneurs, investment funds ...). Questionnaires were sent by the hundreds. Our rankings are based on several criteria. Among them retain the reputation of the firm, the expertise of partners and their ability to impose on reference board records. The departments of revenue and studied the growth and dynamism of the teams are also criteria that may impact on the place of the teams in the standings. Other industry professionals (bankers, boards, investors, investment funds, LBO actors) are also asked to comment on the positioning of firms in our rankings.

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