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Mergers & acquisitions - Transactions up to €75 million - Ranking 2018 - Law firm - France

Law firm
  • 1
  • Philippe Dumez, Pierre Gouge, Emmanuel Kaeppelin, Henri-Louis Delsol, Jean-Philippe Delsol, Amaury Nardone
  • Christophe BERGEROT, Olivier de Précigout, Christine Blaise Engel, Pascal Cavillon, Giovanna Figuccio, Anne Frechette-Kerbrat, Alexis Poinsard
  • Luc Pons, Jean-Christophe Beaury, Bruno Cavalié, Mélanie Coiraton-Mavré, Jean-Yves Martin, Maud BAKOUCHE
  • 2
  • Neil Robertson, Edouard Waels, Thierry Permezel, Thomas Buffin, Emmanuel du Douët, Philippe Woerner, Florence Dedieu, Alexandre Ghesquière, Antoine Arminjon
  • Thomas Hermetet, Nada Sbaï
  • Stéphane Rodriguez, Fabien Mauvais, Olivier Renault, Dominique Hyde, Vincent Libaud, Gary Levy, Maxime Dequesne, Cédric Sapède
  • 1
  • Raphael MELLERIO, Alexis Chahid-Nouraï
  • Benoit Charrière Bournazel, Arnaud Langlais, Jérôme Lombard Platet, Lubomir ROGLEV, Arnaud BURG, Bernard TEZE, Marie Trecan
  • Edouard Eliard, Guillaume Jarry, Francois Duteil, Cristian Rawlins
  • Gilles Roux, Morgan Hunault Berret, Francis Pinot de Villechenon, Isabelle Burel Blasoni, Erwan Tostivint, Tristan Segonds, Eric Hebras
  • 2
  • Vincent Poirier, Antoine Rousseau, Christophe Gerschel
  • Gildas Louvel, David MALCOIFFE, Anne-Cécile Hansson, Emmanuelle Porte, Bertrand Levy, Nicolas Morelli
  • Alexis Marchand, Adrien Debré, Jean-Baptiste de Cabanes, Chantal Danseux, Pierre Guignand, Pierre-Jean Ferry
  • Jean-Baptiste Van de Voorde, Pascal Squercioni, Philippe Netto, Christopher Mesnooh, Samuel Pallotto, Bruno Paccioni
  • Laurent Julienne, Cédric Vincent, Laurent Ségal, Luc Castagnet, Didier Chambeau
  • Roy Arakelian, Christophe Vannoote, Charlotte Riberprey
  • Jean-Baptiste Guillot, Pierre-Menno de Girard, Philippe Torre, Dominique DERMERGUERIAN, Laurent MARVILLE, Laurent Cavallier
Valuable practice
  • Alexis Frasson-Gorret, Jean-Pascal Brun
As every year, the League Leaders Group (publisher of the magazine makers) publishes a new edition of its ranking dedicated to the best mergers and acquisitions lawyers, operations up to € 75 million. Working tool aimed at business banks and companies, ranking of law firms is performed after an investigation of several months. To this end, investigators League Leaders group had contact with legal professionals of the most reputable business (investment banks, financial advice, entrepreneurs, investment funds ...). Questionnaires were sent by the hundreds. Our rankings are based on several criteria. Among them retain the reputation of the firm, the expertise of partners and their ability to impose on reference board records. The departments of revenue and studied the growth and dynamism of the teams are also criteria that may impact on the place of the teams in the standings. Other industry professionals (bankers, boards, investors, investment funds, LBO actors) are also asked to comment on the positioning of firms in our rankings.

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