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Litigation & arbitration - Litigation with regulators and for listed operations - Ranking 2019 - Law firm - France

Law firm
  • 1
  • Sébastien Prat, Guillaume Pellegrin, Éric Dezeuze, Didier Martin, Florian Bouaziz
  • Martine Samuelian, Frank Martin Laprade
  • Diane Lamarche, Marine Lallemand, Etienne Boursican, Jean-Pierre Martel, Alexis Marraud des Grottes, Frédéric Lalance
  • Christophe Perchet, Alexandre Vermynck, Georges Terrier
  • Olivier Diaz, Jean Guillaume De Tocqueville, Stéphane Puel, Bruno Quentin, Michel Pitron, Jean-Philippe Pons-Henry
  • Pascal Bine, Armand W. Grumberg, Valentin Autret
  • Géraldine Brasier Porterie, Pierrick Jupile-Boisverd
  • Anne-Florence Raducault, Nicolas Morelli, Marion Barbier
  • Dominique Borde, Aline Poncelet, Nicolas Faguer, Philippe Bouchez El Ghozi
  • Olivier de Vilmorin, Krystian Czerniecki, William D. Torchiana, Gauthier Blanluet
While operating on financial markets, there may be litigation with administrative regulators, in France they are the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF - Financial Markets Authority, the national stock markets regulators) and the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR - French Prudential Supervisory Authority, France's bank and insurance regulators). For the dealmakers, Leaders League has found and ranked the best law firms specialized in that field.

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