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Litigation & arbitration - International arbitration - Ranking 2018 - Law firm - France

Law firm
  • 1
  • Eduardo Silva Romero, Xavier Nyssen, Jacques Sivignon, Philip DUNHAM, José Manuel Garcia Represa, Jose Manuel GARCIA REPRESA
  • Jennifer Younan, Maude Lebois, Coralie Darrigade, Emmanuel GAILLARD, Yas BANIFATEMI
  • Michael Polkinghorne, Christophe VON KRAUSE, Christopher Seppälä, Charles NAIRAC, Andrew de Lotbinière McDougall, Nicolas Bouchardie, Elizabeth Oger-Gross, Kirsten Odynski, John WILLEMS
  • 2
  • Louis Christophe Delanoy, Raed Fathallah, José Maria Pérez, Tim PORTWOOD
  • Ben Juratowitch, Noah RUBINS, Elie KLEIMAN, Peter TURNER
  • 1
  • Gaëlle Filhol, Julien Fouret, Dominique PERBEN, Gaelle LE QUILLEC, Christophe Seraglini, Jean-Georgres Betto, Thierry TOMASI
  • Yves DERAINS, Melanie van Leeuwen, Nada Sader, Hamid GHARAVI, Marie-Laure Bizeau, Eloïse Obadia, Bertrand DERAINS
  • Roland Ziadé, Arnaud de La Cotardière, Pierre DUPREY
  • Pierre Raoul-Duval, Carole Malinvaud, Christian Camboulive, Michel Pitron, Alexandra Munoz, Rupert REECE
  • Vanessa Benichou, Kenneth R. Fleuriet, James CASTELLO, Joël Alquezar
  • Raphaël Kaminsky, Pierre Pic, Eric Teynier, Laurence KIFFER
Valuable practice
  • Reid Feldman, Christian ORENGO, Alexander MARQUARDT, Antoine PASZKIEWICZ
  • Lars Lewis, Peter Iglikowski, Guillaume de Bascher, Leïla Esnard

Castaldi Partners


Valentine Chessa


Valentine Chessa, Priscille Pedone, Nicola Romano, Steven Sprague


4 associés, 5 collaborateurs



Track record : Present in energy and construction arbitrations, the team has just obtained a partial annulment of an arbitral award from the Council of State. It also obtained the exequatur in France of an arbitral award set aside in the United States. Castaldi Partners also advised an Italian gas compressor manufacturer in a commercial litigation for breach of contract.
Differentiation : With a dynamic team, the firm stands out in the energy sector. They assist clients in a wide range of activities and continue to expand with the opening of an office in Brussels. It should be noted that all the partners at Castaldi Partners are trained in mediation.
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