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Energy & environment - Classified installations for environmental protection, polluted sites and soil, industrial wastelands - Ranking 2018 - Law firm - France

Law firm
  • Jean-Pierre Boivin, Frédéric Defradas, Manuel Pennaforte, Malik Memlouk, Steve Hercé
  • Frédéric Lévy, Patricia Savin, Grégory Gutierrez, Gladwys Beauchet, Laura CECCARELLI LE GUEN, Yvon Martinet
  • Diane Mouratoglou, Catherine Dupuy-Burin des Roziers, Paul ELFASSI
  • 2
  • Marie-Pierre Maître, François Braud, Alexandre MOUSTARDIER
  • Bruno Wertenschlag, Antoine Carpentier, Astrid Rebillard, Frédéric Cruchaudet, Christophe Puel

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