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Economics - Litigation Support & Expert Witnesses - Brazil - 2019 Rankings

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Simonaggio Certeza Técnica: Accounting and Economics Powerhouse

Simonaggio Certeza Técnica


Silvio Simonaggio



Track record : Long-standing firm Simonaggio Certeza Técnica is widely respected for its technical analyses and forensic evidences in accounting, economics and finance. It is well-equipped to provide strategic services and risk-preventing evaluations which may be used in the administrative, arbitral and judicial spheres.
Differentiation : Dominant accounting and economics team consists of highly qualified and efficient technicians with extensive experience in the financial area. Based in São Paulo, professionals are captained by founding partner Silvio Simonaggio, who is both an accountant and an economist as well as a lawyer.
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Here is our 2019 ranking of the best Brazilian Litigation Support & Expert Witnesses in Economics. This ranking was created after a year-long investigation. Our team took into consideration data from multiple sources, such as peer and client recommendation, growth, and importance of different cases. This ranking intends to be a decision-making tool for leaders and is available online in five languages.

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