Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co (WLG) to merge with Canadian practice Gowlings


Posted Wednesday, July 8th 2015
Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co (WLG) to merge with Canadian practice Gowlings
Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co (WLG) a UK international law firm has announced this week that it will unite with Canadian practice Gowlings, creating a 622-partner firm across 18 different cities.

This is an ambitious move made by WLG as they put words into action, as per the UK firm’s statment of its plans to connect with many global firms. The firm will launch in January 2016 and will be branded as Gowling WLG, however both profits and partnerships will be kept separate. This deal follows another merger that happened between Wragge & Co and Lawrence Graham who merged on May 1, 2014, giving the combined firm the name Wragge Lawrence & Co.

Both Gowlings and WLG have around 700 lawyers which will bring the new firm’s headcount up to 1,400. Although Gowlings does not release financial information, WLG mentioned that the union would create revenue of over £400 million.

In a statement given Leaders Magazine by David Fennel, he mentioned that the merger came as a result of a long friendship that spanned over the last 20 years, and that they have been talking to Gowlings for the last six to twelve months about similar goals for each firm.

The combination of the two law firms will bring presence for WLG in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, as well as an office in Beijing. Additionally, a majority of Gowling’s seven-partner London arm will join WLG before January 2016.