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Wisdom on Open-mindedness

“Don't criticize what you can't understand,” said Bob Dylan.

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“Don't criticize what you can't understand,” said Bob Dylan.

An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile thought in it. – Mark Twain


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. –Aristotle


Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. – Malcolm Forbes


Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in. – Alan Alda


The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. – F. Scott Fitzgerald


Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open. – Thomas Dewar


We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are. – Anais Nin


Open your mind before your mouth. – Aristophanes


Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one you have. – Emile Chartier


Let yourself be open and life will be easier. A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes the water undrinkable. A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed. – Buddha Siddhartha


It does take great maturity to understand that the opinion we are arguing for is merely the hypothesis we favor, necessarily imperfect, probably transitory, which only very limited minds can declare to be a certainty or a truth. – Milan Kundera



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