Well-known Ecuadorian law firms merge to create Bustamante Fabara

Bustamante & Bustamante, a third-generation law firm and one of the most prestigious in Ecuador, has merged with Fabara Abogados, a highly respected firm, to form Bustamante Fabara.

Posted Monday, November 29th 2021
Well-known Ecuadorian law firms merge to create Bustamante Fabara

María Rosa Fabara will assume the role of managing partner of the new firm, while José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa will be its president and chairman.

The new firm boasts a total of 14 partners, more than 90 lawyers, 12 of which are ranked by prestigious international publications in at least one practice area, and more than 18 practice areas.

The firm is also a leader in gender diversity, with a female managing partner and more than 35% of partners and 32% of lawyers are women.

Speaking about the new firm, chairman José Rafael Bustamante said: “There is a track record and experience accrued throughout the years that has allowed us to gain recognition, and now is put together and doubly reinforced as the foundation on which Bustamante Fabara stands”.

“It is not just a merry coincidence that, despite the undoubted success achieved by both law firms, we had been separately considering ways to improve our institutional arrangements, and it is precisely that unrelenting yearning for improvement that made us gravitate toward our merger, and which materializes our vision of a new structure that promotes talent and quality.”

“I feel extremely optimistic at this new phase, since the idea of this merger arose, at first seemingly audacious and unexpected, until it came to fruition, we have met nothing but absolute synchronicity among the partners, and positive signs that can only mean that we will achieve ever higher goals,” she added.