Volkswagen to donate €40m worth of medical supplies to hospitals

Volkswagen Group has pledged to donate €40 million worth of China-sourced medical equipment to doctors and hospitals in Germany.

Posted Friday, March 27th 2020
Volkswagen to donate €40m worth of medical supplies to hospitals

The equipment – including face masks, gloves, disinfectants, clinical thermometers, protective goggles and protective clothing – is to be made available to medical personnel providing emergency treatment and care to patients suffering from the coronavirus.


Last week, Volkswagen donated about 200,000 FFP-2 and FFP-3 face masks for public health protection.

Volkswagen said that, in recent days, it had received a growing number of requests for help from hospitals, doctors and social facilities. A company statement said: “As Volkswagen itself does not have available the total volume of supplies requested, the goods themselves will be ordered by the health services and group procurement, while group logistics will coordinate and organize transport. The top priority is to deliver the equipment to doctors and hospitals as quickly as possible. Distribution will be organized by public bodies.”

Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, said: “China is on the road to normalization. We are taking advantage of this fact and of our global logistics chains to ensure that this donation reaches doctors and hospitals as quickly as possible so that sick people can continue to receive the best possible levels of care.”

Volkswagen HR Board Member Gunnar Kilian said: “We must not lose any time in the fight against corona. The main burden of combating the virus and caring for patients is born by physicians and nurses. They are providing an outstanding service and need our full support in their efforts.”

Earlier this month, Apple said it had donated $15 million to the global Covid-19 response. Meanwhile, Facebook has pledged to provide $20 million in coronavirus support funding.