Venturis: cutting edge international services in growth strategy for Law Firms

Rupprecht Graf von Pfeil and Sophie Boyer Chammard, partners at Venturis Consulting Group, elaborate on the strategy driving the fortunes of the law firm management specialists.

Posted Wednesday, January 27th 2021
Venturis: cutting edge international services in growth strategy for Law Firms

Sophie Boyer-Chammard & Rupprecht Graf von Pfeil

"We assist law firms to respond to changing market and competitive dynamics, to establish powerful market positions and to achieve superior performance"

Leaders League. What are the main practices of Venturis to have been reinforced in 2020?

Sophie Boyer Chammard. Venturis has grown tremendously in 2020, strengthening our positioning & strategy and profitable revenue growth practices. We also expanded our services to digital, legal project management and professionalisation. With the legal market becoming mature and changing faster than ever, there is growing demand for these services at a strategic level. This blends well with our strong people & performance practice.

Rupprecht Graf Von Pfeil Our consultants bring an unmatched combination of experience and expertise to the legal market. They have 15+ years of legal industry experience, held senior positions in major international or national powerhouses and worked for tier one global strategy firms.


Can you tell us more about your recent branch openings and the new goals you set for the coming year?

RGP. We have launched the París office with Sophie Boyer Chammard, and the Brussels office with Rik Servais. Both were qualified lawyers and senior BD professionals in major international law firms.

SBC. We want to gain a strong position in our new markets and bring our clients a more comprehensive advice on the EU market. We will also start execution services as a separate label.


Could you describe the client base you have and what development you would like to have in terms of profiles or new clients?

RGP. Our clients range from premium boutiques to full-service firms. As an international consulting firm, we work for international law firms on cross border or firmwide projects in different jurisdictions as well as for preeminent independent firms in their markets. Increasingly, we also advise ALSP’s (Alternative Legal Service Providers) and legal inhouse teams.

"There is a demand for rethinking positioning and growth strategies"

Your goal is to become the preeminent consulting firm in Continental Europe. What have been the achievements so far?

RGP. Venturis started 15 years ago in the Netherlands and then in Germany. Subsequently, we opened in Italy, Sweden, Belgium and now France. We have also consultants working from Denmark and Switzerland. In the Americas, we operate in partnership with Warwick Place (New York) and Kerma Partners (Miami and Mexico City).

SBC. With our international network, we are uniquely placed to assist clients on their international growth strategy and determine the best markets in their specific case.


How do you see the next year of activities within Venturis Consulting? Any specifics on some key territories?

RGP. We will pursue our growth strategy; strengthening in existing jurisdictions and opening where we are not yet present, such as Spain and Central Europe.

SBC. We approach our growth strategy similar to how we advise our clients: consider gaps, explore opportunities, ensure that experience and expertise of consultants match our expectation level, and last but not least, validate the fit between individuals and our firm. We don’t grow just for growth sake; we value our cohesion paramount to provide top-notch service to our clients.