Swiss Arbitration Summit 2024: Celebrating Innovation and 50 Years of ASA in Geneva.

In a gathering that drew international arbitration professionals from across the globe, the Swiss Arbitration Summit 2024, held in Geneva last week, was particularly special, as it celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA).

Posted mardi, février 6 2024
Swiss Arbitration Summit 2024: Celebrating Innovation and 50 Years of ASA in Geneva.

Felix Dasser & Innovation in Arbitration Conference

The Swiss Arbitration Summit 2024, that took place from January 31st to February 2nd, stood out for its diverse program, offering arbitration-focused sessions that spanned a broad spectrum of topics, jurisdictions, and industries. Law firms and organizations were given the platform to curate individual events, fostering a dynamic environment for knowledge exchange.


This Summit has not only showcased the latest in arbitration practices but also encouraged participation from various legal communities, educational institutions, and associations, enhancing our collective insight into the evolving landscape of international arbitration.

Felix Dasser president of ASA.


Networking was at the heart of the Summit, with numerous opportunities crafted for attendees to connect with peers, industry leaders, and experts from around the world. The event's innovative sessions and interactive workshops spurred engaging discussions on emerging trends, including the impact of artificial intelligence on arbitration and the importance of advocacy in dispute resolution. Adding to the allure, the Summit included a Swiss ski weekend, offering a blend of leisure and networking in the breathtaking Swiss Alps.

The highlight of the Summit was the celebration of ASA's 50th anniversary, underscored by Felix Dasser's remarks during the welcoming cocktail. "This is the largest event we've ever organized, with record-breaking attendance and registration. Your participation tonight exceeds our expectations," Dasser expressed, acknowledging the success of the Summit.

The Summit attracted 544 participants from over 50 countries outside Europe, demonstrating its global appeal and the wide interest in arbitration's future.

The 4-days event notably featured a substantial involvement of young practitioners, not only present in the audience but also significantly contributing to panels and roundtables. This pronounced presence shows a recent shift in the landscape of dispute resolution expertise, highlighting the evolving generational dynamics and the growing interest of younger generations in arbitration.

The Swiss Arbitration Summit 2024, with its dedication to innovation and collaboration, not only celebrated ASA's legacy but also proposed to explore the evolving challenges and prospects in arbitration. In doing so, it underscored the dynamic and ever-expanding realm of international dispute resolution, signaling a future ripe with growth and breakthroughs.



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