Steck Tapia Collantes Abogados launches

Peruvian law firm Steck Tapia Collantes Abogados, a firm aiming to revolutionize the legal services market and specializing in various areas of law, has announced its launch.

Posted mardi, septembre 26 2023
Steck Tapia Collantes Abogados launches

The firm specializes in advising both the private and public sectors on a wide range of issues and requirements concerned with administrative law, construction law, infrastructure and real estate law, construction contract formats, dispute resolution and international arbitration, among other services.

The firm was founded by partners José Steck, Carlos Tapia and Christian Collantes.

"With nearly two decades of experience among our partners in various realms such as previous legal firms, public entities, arbitration centers, acting as arbitrators, adjudicators, and representing clients in national and international arbitrations, we have built a legacy of success and excellence in the sector,” the firm said in a statement.

“We possess a deep understanding of market stakeholders. We provide honest legal diagnosis for our clients. We work with truth and take pleasure in our work. We aim to eliminate hourly fees in the legal market and we know it will be a challenge for everyone, but it is necessary to change the way legal services are provided in Peru, with a client-oriented vision and meeting their expectations," according to José Steck, founding partner.

Carlos Tapia, founding partner, adds, "At STC Abogados, we foster a collaborative and preventive culture. We integrate with the client's team and provide quick and accurate responses. Our team has a strong experience in construction projects, both public and private. We understand the on-site work and speak the same language as engineers and architects”.

For his part, Christian Collantes, founding partner, states, "At STC Abogados, we are forward-looking. Our experience allows us to make timely diagnoses and recommend appropriate and transparent actions to prevent controversies or mitigate them. However, once a conflict arises, we manage it appropriately to mount a strong, powerful, and impactful legal defense”.

“In the construction sector, we easily relate to the Engineer, the Project Manager, and the PMO. We have a strong experience advising owners, builders, designers, and subcontractors in various infrastructure projects such as roads, hydroelectric plants, airports, river defenses, real estate projects, government buildings, hospitals, schools, among others. It is a satisfaction for us to offer our services to the public and positively impact society through law",

In its launch statement, the firm adds that “the added value we deliver to our clients is that the partners form an integrated team, working together for over a decade with different complementary skills, and we are, alongside the client, directly involved in the execution of the services we provide”.

“We constantly train and question ourselves. We have a critical approach to Law, both in practice and academia. We aim to stay at the forefront of the latest legal trends and regulations."

"Steck Tapia Collantes Abogados has a local operational plan for its initial years and later plans to expand its operations internationally.