Sodital, the New Digital Business Promoting Association

Sodital, Peru’s first-ever association marrying law and digital firms, was founded in late April.

Posted mercredi, mai 13 2020
Sodital, the New Digital Business Promoting Association

The non-profit association was created with the aim of promoting the study and analysis of legal and technological aspects pertaining to digital businesses. This objective translates to research and education for all citizens.

Sodital seeks to generate a viable ecosystem for the development of digital companies, avoiding excessive regulations that could affect their development. Its mission is to address the challenges facing digital businesses, proposing effective solutions that promote work and economic activity.

Different actors dedicated to the development of digital business are part of Sodital such as entrepreneurs who do digital business, technology-related attorneys and professionals from diverse sectors of industry and commerce who contribute with technical skills.

Sodital is chaired by Pierino Stucchi and the board of directors conformed by José Antonio Bezada, Ana Belen Martell, Christa Caro, Juan Aguayo, José Asti, Rodrigo Peláez, among other professionals.