Slight decline in Swiss digital competitiveness

Switzerland has dropped one place to 6th in the latest IMD World Digital Competitiveness ranking.

Switzerland has dropped one place to 6th in the latest IMD World Digital Competitiveness ranking.

The alpine nation had made the top five in the past two editions of the International Institute for Management Development’s ranking. The USA is in first place in 2020, followed by Singapore and Denmark, with  Sweden and Hong Kong rounding out the top five.

The IMD World Digital Competitiveness ranking reflects the extent to which countries adopt and explore digital technologies leading to transformation in government practices, business models and society in general. The institute assesses  digital competitiveness in three main categories: knowledge, technology and future readiness.  

The drop experienced by Switzerland this year can be explained by the decline in both scientific concentration and technological framework factors. As a result of stagnant performance in the percentage of female researchers' indicator (34th) and R&D productivity by publication (38th) Switzerland moved down from 7th to 9th in the scientific concentration metric. Due to a significant drop in high-tech exports, the country dropped from 9th to 14th place for its technological framework.  


However, Switzerland fared particularly well in for talent and knowledge, ranking 3rdin both.. The IMD describes the “talent factor” as a building of the talent pool and thus a strengthening the knowledge infrastructure necessary to develop and employ digital technology.  

For its part, the knowledge factor examines the know-how necessary to discover, understand and build new technologies.  

Switzerland was also rated positively (5th) for the future readiness, which evaluates the level of a country’s preparedness to exploit the digital transformation. 





Edited by Ramata Diallo


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