Santiváñez Antúnez opens in Chile

Peruvian law firm Santiváñez Antúnez Abogados has announced its expansion into Chile, where it has opened offices in the capital Santiago.

Posted Thursday, March 4th 2021
Santiváñez Antúnez opens in Chile

The move obeys the firm’s expansion policy in Latin America, and the Chilean office is the firm’s second outside of Peru, having opened offices in Honduras in mid-2019. The firm also plans to open in Mexico City later this year.

The firm launches in Chile with renowned Chilean lawyers Ignacio Moya and Guillermo Briceño, who have joined as managing partners.

The new offices are located in the Vitacura 2670 Business Center, and the Santiago office will focus on accompanying its corporate clients with a presence in the Chilean market, as well as guiding and encouraging investment by local businessmen in Peru and Honduras.

Ignacio Moya Guzmán is a law graduate of the Universidad Diego Portales and holds a master's degree in criminal law from Universidad Talca and Universidad Pompeu Fabra.

Guillermo Briceño Villegas graduated in law from the Universidad Diego Portales, has a postgraduate degree in theory and practice of criminal law from Universidad Alberto Hurtado, and a master's degree in criminal law from Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Both partners are expert litigators in constitutional, criminal and labor matters, and are well versed in the elaboration of strategies for the defense of rights and interests in highly complex cases, having practiced public defense for many years.

"Our counsel in Santiago de Chile is not only linked to offering a high standard of legal services for local companies and for our clients who maintain investments in that market, but also to facilitate the path of those corporations that want to expand their business to other horizons, where our firm will be able to assist them,” the law firm’s CEO, Juan José Santiváñez Antúnez, said.

“That is why this year, despite the difficulties generated by the pandemic, we have decided to consolidate our presence in other locations so that by mid-year, we will be incorporating our new offices in Mexico City, under the direction of two lawyers of recognized prestige, who will add their offices to our globalized structure," he added.