Age: 53


Years at current company: 6


Nationality: Belgian


Industry: Banking & insurance


Turnover: $9bn


Rate of growth: 150% since 2006


In a sector in difficulty, the performance of KBC has been remarkable. Since becoming the top executive at the banking group in 2012, Johan Thijs has multiplied its net results by three, from 740 million to 3 billion dollars. And Thijs doesn’t plan on stopping there. He has his sights set on expansion in order to create ‘the KBC of tomorrow’ as a way of increasing revenue and attracting new investors. Since his arrival KBC’s share price has gone up 340%.   


Notable success: The Belgian businessman was one of the first in the industry to take a gamble on diversifying his company’s business activities, a strategy now commonplace in the sector.

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A lack of a long-term strategy is a good indication of a company that lacks ambition, and this is often a fatal flaw. For our first ever Top 100 Executives list, Leaders League took the conscious decision to highlight those executives who, without losing sight of the present, have been able to envisage the future. It’s notoriously difficult to find a way for these two temporalities to coexist in today’s fast-paced digital world, but all those on our list have outstanding leadership abilities, iron determination and, of course, The Vision Thing.
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