Mexico’s Cultiba buys stake in Baja Aqua Farms

Mexican fish-farm operator Organización Cultiba has announced its plan to invest in Baja Aqua Farms, an industry leader in Bluefin tuna production located in Baja California, Mexico.

Posted jeudi, décembre 7 2023
Mexico’s Cultiba buys stake in Baja Aqua Farms

The investment involved Cultiba Aqua LLC, its new subsidiary, together with affiliates of Continental Grain Company, Equity Group Investments and Castle Harlan, which have entered into a partnership to carry out the investment in Baja Aqua-Farms.

The Partnership will provide strategic support to Baja Aqua Farms and a source of additional capital to meet the growing demand of the sector.

Baja Aqua Farms focuses on the super-premium market for Bluefin tuna, which is fed in its own farms with fresh sardines captured by a dedicated fleet. Its product is distributed globally, mainly in the US, Japan, and Mexico, where its largest clients are top-tier restaurants and hotels.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Baja California, Mexico, Baja Aqua Farms farms Pacific Bluefin tuna year-round.

In order to carry out the transaction, Cultiba contributed an amount of approximately $40 million with its own funds, and acquired a minority position in Baja Aqua Farms through the partnership.

Through this transaction, Cultiba moves forward in its vision of being a diversified business holding company, with highly prestigious partners and assets that provide growth opportunities, the company said.

The legally required regulatory authorizations for carrying out the transaction have already been obtained.

Listed on the Mexican stock market (BMV), Cultiba is a holding company with minority interests in leading food and beverage companies with a track record of successful integrations and subsequent synergy capture. Cultiba, its subsidiaries, and affiliates aim to drive profitable volume growth and expand EBITDA margins, with a focus on the North American market.

Baja Aqua Farms and its shareholders were counseled on the investment by Mexican law firm Gonzalez Calvillo.