Marie-Sylvie Bertail (Greenflex): “Getting rid of carbon emissions requires immense energy efficiency expertise”

A key partner to companies undertaking the energy and environmental transition, Greenflex offers clients expert advice, from conception to implementation of projects.

Posted Monday, March 29th 2021
Marie-Sylvie Bertail (Greenflex): “Getting rid of carbon emissions requires immense energy efficiency expertise”

Leaders League: How does Greenflex help companies make the energy transition?

Marie-Sylvie Bertail: For 11 years we have been helping clients make the energy transition by focusing on three core areas: sustainable development, reducing carbon emissions and energy efficiency. Our model is unique in that we are multi-purpose experts, capable of intervening at all stages, upstream ─ with advice on how best to put together a strategy and, when the time comes to put that strategy into practice, the presence of our technicians on the ground who use our dedicated digital platform. Lastly, we offer a range of flexible financing solutions.

Can you give us an example?
We recently worked with Pierre Fabre to draw up an energy strategy that took onto account a mapping of its energy consumption, and came up with an energy use plan that we then piloted at each of their sites. We manage projects over the long term and are committed to the reduction of a company’s energy footprint so that the company can make an energy and financial double-saving.

You also work with regional authorities, do you not?    
We have a deep understanding of the challenges facing members of the local industrial ecosystem. This allows us to work with various stakeholders in order to get complex regional projects, with a high upside for the circular economy, off the ground.


"Our model is unique in that we are multi-purpose experts, capable of intervening at all stages"


Take the example of the greater Rennes area, which wants to construct buildings on a brownfield site near the PSA car factory. We undertook a detailed study on the city’s behalf, which ended with a plan to set up a localized energy-grid that harnesses PSA’s heating network to supply energy to the future brownfield-site buildings.

How can we get companies to speed up cutting carbon emissions?
Reducing carbon emissions is often viewed through the prism of photovoltaic energy. In reality, renewable energy means far more and needs to be integrated into a global strategy. It is for this reason that we have 130 energy engineers and data scientists working hand-in-hand with clients to help them understand how these intricate energy plans work, in order to fine-tune their equipment and their processes. We optimize both the operation and maintenance of clients’ equipment, monitoring progress on a on regular basis. We help them invest in new, more efficient equipment. Getting rid of carbon emissions requires immense energy-efficiency expertise. We can provide that.  

The post-Covid-19 economic relaunch has a strong environmental aspect. Are your clients benefitting?
A certain number of them, who had carbon-reduction initiatives in place, but saw insignificant returns on their investment, suspended their programmes. We have reactivated them. By combining funds from the European relaunch initiative ─ which has earmarked €8 billion to energy efficiency projects ─ with existing measures, such as the CEE energy rating certificate, and our financing solutions, returns on investment are are better and have made these projects profitable. A proportion of our clients have even been able to take advantage of grants at the end of 2020 which they have been putting to good use in 2021.


Olivia Vignaud