Luxembourg Lawyers Under the Spotlight A Unique Collaboration between Leaders League and Paperjam

In October 2022, when Paperjam published its supplement "100 Essential Lawyers in Luxembourg," the selection was made by a panel of highly reputable lawyers, including former bar presidents and the bar president of the Luxembourg Bar Association. Since then, Paperjam has engaged with numerous stakeholders in the field to evolve its ranking formula, which will be released on October 23, 2024, with a preview event scheduled the day before at the Cercle Municipal.

Posted mercredi, février 7 2024
Luxembourg Lawyers Under the Spotlight A Unique Collaboration between Leaders League and Paperjam

Mike Koedinger, founder and CEO of Maison Moderne and Pierre Marteel, Head of Benelux Ficade Leaders League

"We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Leaders League to compile and publish these new rankings," said Mike Koedinger, founder and CEO of Maison Moderne (publisher of Paperjam and Delano, among others). "Leaders League is an international player specialized in ranking businesses, utilizing a proven methodology recognized by lawyers in many countries." Founded in Paris in 1996, Leaders League is a service company dedicated to businesses, operating as a rating agency worldwide with offices in Paris, Milan, Madrid, São Paulo and Lima. It highlights excellence and innovation, with its teams in the field identifying, evaluating, and showcasing leaders, innovative ideas, and exemplary practices that shape future business trends.

Unlike other groups that produce rankings, including those for lawyers, at Leaders League, we audit practices in various professions. In addition to law firm rankings, we also produce rankings for investment banks, funds, consultants in various specialties, economist firms conducting transfer pricing studies, family offices, asset managers, headhunters, communication agencies, and more, explained Pierre Marteel, Head Benelux at Leaders League. As a result, our readership is diverse, extending beyond the legal field

Another distinctive feature of Leaders League is that their rankings are focused on teams rather than individuals. Pierre Marteel added, "We believe that work is rarely done in isolation; in most cases, it's a team effort. When a practice is ranked by us, the entire team, from junior interns to senior partners, is ranked. Each member has contributed to the firm's success and deserves recognition. There are a few exceptions, such as in the case of arbitrators, where individuals are ranked."

The methodology relies on four sources of information: firms applying for rankings, client feedback, peer feedback, and reviews by qualified third parties (neither peers nor clients). Criteria considered include the nature, complexity, and size of cases handled, as well as the firm's recognition and reputation among clients, third parties, and peers. The methodology is explained in detail here: Leaders League Ranking Methodology

Regarding the collaboration with Paperjam, Pierre Marteel added, "We are delighted with this partnership, which benefits both of our organizations. For our group, it allows us to reach a broader audience within the Luxembourg legal community and strengthen our connection with a market we have covered for several years."

In the upcoming October 23, 2024 edition of Paperjam, nineteen rankings will be compiled by Leaders League, with the majority being published exclusively in Paperjam. Here are the nineteen rankings:

« Best Law Firms for Restructuring & Insolvency »

« Best Law Firms for Corporate / M&A»

« Best Law Firms for IP Litigation »

« Best Law Firms for Commercial Litigation »

« Best Law Firms for Transfer Pricing »

« Best Law Firms for Private Equity »

« Best Law Firms for Corporate Tax »

« Best Law Firms for Banking & Finance »

« Best Law Firms for Fund Structuring »

« Best Law Firms for Real Estate »

« Best Law Firms for Labor & Employment »

« Best Law Firms for Tax Litigation »

« Best Law Firms for Wealth Management »

« Best Law Firms for IT, Outsourcing & Data Protection »

« Best Law Firms for Insurance Law »

« Best Law Firms for Investigations & White-Collar Crime »

« Best Law Firms for International Arbitration »

« Best Law Firms for UCITS »

« Best Law Firms for AIFs ».