Luxembourg Initiates First Phase of Easing of Lockdown Measures

Taking a similar path to its German neighbours, Luxembourg began lifting its lockdown on Monday, April 20th.

Posted mardi, avril 21 2020
Luxembourg Initiates First Phase of Easing of Lockdown Measures

Construction workers are now allowed to go back to work, and DIY and gardening stores have reopened. Other employment sectors are encouraged by the government to continue working from home for now when possible. The first phase is set to last at least three weeks and will be reevaluated according to the pace of the pandemic in the following weeks.


As of Monday, the wearing of facemasks on public transport, in all stores and in all spaces where the minimum space limit of two meters cannot be respected also became mandatory. To facilitate this, masks will be distributed by post to the Luxembourg people. 


The government also announced that all festivals, events and large gatherings will remain prohibited until July 31st 2020.


Last Saturday the Luxembourg Chamber agreed that the state would take on a loan of up to €3 billion in order to meet coronavirus-related spending requirements. The Luxembourg government will also be able to issue up to €2.5 billion to businesses affected by the ongoing pandemic. The government is backing 85% of the loan while the lending bank is taking care of the remaining 15%.