Luxembourg fintech platform LHoFT unveils new application

LHoFT has gone one further with a new application dedicated to fintech owners

Posted vendredi, octobre 9 2020
Luxembourg fintech platform LHoFT unveils new application

It will allow users toaccess content the company has identified the user to be in interested in, related to the ecosystem, once they have indicated their preferences in the first place. The app will keep users apprised of LHoFT webinars, events, newsletters. It will be delivered with IBM Watson Assistant, a conversational AI platform. 

The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, headed by CEO Nasir Zubairi since 2016, is a partnership between the public and private sector tasked with ensuring the future competitiveness of Luxembourg’s financial services with a focus on digital innovation. LHoFT enables investors, government agencies, financial services, fintech associations and hubs across the world to connect with each other.  It is a landing platform for foreign fintech companies to access the EU market from a strategic place: Luxembourg, being the Eurozone’s leading financial centre and the second largest investment fund centre in the world.  

With 144 members, the LHoFT ecosystem continues to grow. LHoFT has expanded internationally, connecting with leading fintech hubs around the world. According to their spokesperson, what matters for LHoFT is the diversity and complementarity of fintech's in the market. That is why they are collaborating with institutions such as Bullfrog, a US incubator specializing in insurance and insurtech, Seoul Fintech Lab, a South Korean lab established to support fintech startups in the country, and Innsomnia, the first fintech incubator in Spain coordinated by specialists in innovation and financing.   





Edited by Ramata Diallo