Krealo acquires Peruvian startup Samishop

Krealo, the Peru-based corporate venture capital firm of Credicorp Group, has acquired Samishop, a Peruvian startup that offers e-commerce solutions.

Posted Monday, June 27th 2022
Krealo acquires Peruvian startup Samishop

Krealo invests in digital ventures and its acquisition of Samishop is its fifth investment in the region.

Samishop launched in 2016 and is an e-commerce platform that allows companies to create a website and sell their products online, helping to increase their sales. The company offers plans that include a payment gateway, integration with logistics system and reports, both for businesses that are just starting out and companies with large sales volumes.

E-commerce channels have seen a boom in recent times due, in part, to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, 41.8% of Peruvians made purchases online, according to the Ecommerce Observatory of the Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce.

"Krealo saw an investment opportunity in this platform due to the growth potential of the e-commerce industry in Peru,” according to Adolfo Vinatea, general manager of Krealo.

“In addition, in Samishop we found a talented team, which we will support to grow and promote digital solutions, so that more businesses have the opportunity to develop their online channel. As Krealo, we will continue our constant search for startups or fintechs in the region that provide financial services or include financial services in their operations," he added.

"Samishop was born with a clear idea: to help companies sell online,” Eduardo Acuña, general manager and founder of Samishop, said. “Over the years we have managed to create a robust and flexible technological platform. Now with Krealo's investment, we are ready to help thousands of companies to have a digital sales channel. In addition, we will continue to develop our platform, offering new and better solutions, providing more tools so that companies can continue to grow."