Rubio Leguía Normand opens community relations, conflict management practice

Peruvian law firm Rubio Leguía Normand has announced the launch of its negotiation, community relations and conflict management practice, responding to market needs and enhancing the firm’s expertise in negotiation and land acquisition.

Posted Tuesday, December 14th 2021
Rubio Leguía Normand opens community relations, conflict management practice

he launch of the practice has implied the incorporation of consultants who are lawyers, sociologists, communicators and technicians with field experience in the facilitation of understanding between companies and surrounding communities, to adopt a preventive approach, as well as in the negotiation and mediation of conflicts, the firm said.

The area will be led by the firm’s real estate and land reclamation partner Franco Soria Palacios, who together with partners and consultants in the areas of natural resources and energy and real estate, Xennia Forno, Diego Grisolle, Daniela García Belaunde, Miguel Angel Soto, José Piscoya and José Luis Quispe, form a permanent team that boasts extensive experience in community relations, negotiation and land acquisition for the execution of major projects.

"We have been able to identify the need to complement our services from a multidisciplinary approach, in order to design and execute community management strategies that make the development of projects viable and generate value," the firm said.

Rubio Leguía's clients include companies in the mining, energy, hydrocarbons and infrastructure sectors in general, and the firm says the management of social conflicts and community relations in Peru has been marked by uncertainty and insecurity, which have delayed the execution of many projects and which has stymied development by preventing the closing of the enormous infrastructure gap in the country.

“The situation is complicated if we take into account that many projects are executed in remote areas of the country, where the presence of the state is minimal or even non-existent, so that in reality there is no authority nearby that can help manage conflicts,” the firm said.

“Therefore, it is essential to implement practices that identify the particular characteristics of the area where the project is being executed and allow for the implementation of appropriate strategies for community relations. In addition to the lack or minimal presence of the State, he adds as challenges the problems of land titling that hinder project implementation and the existence of organizations that boycott them.”

With offices in Lima, Cajamarca and Trujillo, Rubio Leguía Normand is a leading firm in commercial law, and which was founded in 1980. The full-service firm has more than 80 lawyers.