Greg Revenu (Bryan Garnier): "We are bankers who are passionate about technology and our mission is to finance innovation"

Established in 1996, Bryan Garnier crossed the €100 million revenue threshold in 2021. The investment bank owes its success to a carefully maintained position in the tech ecosystem, providing a range of services delivered in a prompt and efficient manner to businesses in a fast-moving industry.

Posted mardi, août 2 2022
Greg Revenu (Bryan Garnier): "We are bankers who are passionate about technology and our mission is to finance innovation"

Leaders League: What motivated you to found Bryan Garnier?
Olivier Garnier: From day-one, our ambition was to create a European investment bank in the image of those dynamic American ones of the 70s and 80s, such as Robert Stephens or Cowen, which pulled out all the stops to support tech companies, notably in Silicon Valley and the Boston region.

In the 90s, the US was the global epicenter of entrepreneurism, technology and the internet. Our vision was to assist those entrepreneurs in Europe aiming to emulate their cousins across the Atlantic by creating a highly specialized bank capable of encouraging the emergence of future leaders.

How did you set about accomplishing this task?
Greg Revenu:
Back then, tech was treated as this esoteric activity which few European entrepreneurs dared touch. Therefore, we took a comprehensive, long-term approach to the provision of services, which was a marked departure from the prevailing ethos of European investment banks at the time, which had a much tighter focus when it came to products, yet a one-size-fits-all approach in terms of sectors.

We are pioneers in terms of private equity activity in Europe

We wanted to be a one-stop-shop for tech startups, helping finance and guide their evolution, and of course, their success was the making of our success! The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and I am happy too say our concept proved to be a successful one, although luck and good timing played a sizeable part too! 

What shape is Bryan Garnier in in 2022?
Greg Revenu: Last year we crossed the €100 million revenue milestone and maintained an average growth level of 25%. The majority of our activity is investment-bank related: raising funds for listed and non-listed companies alike, and M&A in the largest sense.

We have progressively expanded our network of international offices to include London, New York, Munich, Oslo and Stockholm, as well as desks in Palo Alto and Shanghai. All told, we have around 250 employees that work closely across the various branches in a sectoral franchise logic: Bryan Garnier does not think in terms of geographical locations. Offices are just places to fulfil work contracts and socialize! 

What’s next for Bryan Garnier?
Greg Revenu: We have debt activity that to date has not been packaged as a product as such, but on which we have a strong track record. Given its volume, we would not rule out focusing on this activity more going forward.

We are pioneers in terms of private equity activity in Europe, and over the years have carried out over a hundred capital-growth operations. Reinforcing this activity within capital markets is of major strategic importance to Bryan Garnier, as poorly performing shares have slowed the pace of IPOs, while the dry powder available to finance private companies prior to their stock market entry is at record levels! Here too, since the foundation of the bank, we have put the accent on agility regarding the somewhat disjointed ecosystems of listed and non-listed companies.