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Falk Müller-Veerse (Partner, Bryan Garnier Germany): “More tourist investors are getting into the German venture/growth markets”

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Leaders League. How have things evolved since Cartagena Capital’s merger with Bryan Garnier & Co in January 2016?

Falk Müller-Veerse. The merger of Cartagena Capital and Bryan Garnier went very well! It was the right decision to join a larger, more international investment banking firm with a broader product portfolio. The ability to do IPOs and bigger deals in a broader range of sectors has indeed opened significant opportunities for our team. It’s been a great experience so far.


From tado°, Canatu to Visedo, you had a very active and diverse 2016. Which sectors do you think are especially promising targets for investors?

We believe that there will be continuous interest in everything around next generation automotive technologies, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, SaaS and medtech/healthcare. These sectors are very high on the shopping list of many investors active in Europe.


What do you think of the funding landscape in Germany over last 12 months?

The investor universe has been growing fast and we are seeing an increasing number of tourist investors, such as hedge funds and private equity players, getting into the venture/growth markets in Germany. This comes on top of new venture/growth funds being raised and a growing number of strategic investors hunting for innovative companies with superior offerings.



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