Environment-focused boutique law firm Pástor launches in Ecuador

Pástor, an Ecuadorian boutique law firm focused on environmental law, has launched, and which has already successfully represented prestigious multinational and local firms on environmental compliance, strategy, M&As and due diligence.

Posted jeudi, novembre 24 2022
Environment-focused boutique law firm Pástor launches in Ecuador

The firm’s purpose is “to further the progress of corporate environmental responsibility by encouraging a culture of compliance and proactivity that safeguards the legacy of business founders and its stakeholders,” Pástor said in a statement.

The firm boasts a multidisciplinary team that advises business leaders on the main environmental challenges that impact their operations, and provides support on the preventive adoption of best practices, counseling its clients on how to comply with national and supranational environmental regulations.

The firm’s focus is geared to “the specific roles and responsibilities that each value chain member needs to fulfill so that their entire ecosystem is sustainable”, the firm said, “by providing rigorous assessments to offer contingency analysis and risk quantification, which can reveal potential environmental liabilities and neglected assets”.

In order to provide expert counsel on these issues, the firm “employs in-house developed methodologies and technological tools to determine the importance, size, and value of environmental contingencies and risks”.

The firm is led by founder, Rafael Pastor, who has ample experience in the field and has served as a partner in a number of prominent law firms in Ecuador.

Rafael Pastor holds a master’s degree in business law from the Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil and studied a specialization in compliance at George Washington University School of Business.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Rafael is also a professor of environmental law, environmental contingencies and due diligence and political and environmental law in the environmental engineering and law programs at the Universidad de Especialidades Espiritú Santo del Ecuador, and he is a member of the environment, health and safety committee of the International Bar Association (IBA), and a member of the Environmental Law Institute (ELI).