ECIJA opens international tax practice in Central America

Global law firm ECIJA has launched an international tax practice for Central America, and which will be led by José Enrique García-Romeu, a tax lawyer with more than 25 years of experience.

Posted mardi, juin 14 2022
ECIJA opens international tax practice in Central America

García-Romeu has worked with the world's largest multinationals companies, leading numerous important international tax planning, transfer pricing and real estate investment projects, and he will be supported in his role by the firm’s team of 50 lawyers in Central America, across its offices in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

“International taxation is gaining more and more importance in all areas, including the purely domestic one. The principles and rules that apply to international operations are dictated by international organizations, especially the OECD, which means that it is no longer sufficient to know only the domestic regulations,” the firm said.

“In addition, these organizations are requiring member and non-member countries to establish certain rules and principles in their national taxes. If you are not up to date in this matter, it is impossible to anticipate the changes that are going to affect us in one way or another, reducing their adverse effects or taking advantage of their opportunities. That is why ECIJA presents a practice focused on international taxation in Central America,” the firm added.

"Companies with international operations and those affected by transfer pricing rules have a particularly difficult time operating with a minimum of certainty in the tax arena,” José Enrique García-Romeu said.

“They have to coordinate the legislation of two or more countries at the same time, and even this is not enough, as they have to take into account several overlapping regulatory levels: at the very least, that of international soft law, that of the applicable convention, that of the domestic laws of the countries where they operate and that of the regulatory and practical development of those countries,” he added.

“All this, moreover, is constantly changing. Only with the help of an expert in the field is it possible to navigate among so much uncertainty," he said.

For his part, Mauricio Paris, managing partner of ECIJA Central America, said: "The demand for international taxation, double taxation and transfer pricing services among our clients has grown exponentially in recent years, which is why we see it appropriate to complement our local tax services with a highly sophisticated international component, in line with the industries and sectors in which we provide advice”.

ECIJA is a leader in the Latin American legal market, with more than 20 years of experience. Tin addition to the above mentioned countries, the firm has offices in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil and Puerto Rico, with a team of more than 900 lawyers.