Doing Business in Brazil: Games Industry

Posted mardi, mai 18 2021
Doing Business in Brazil: Games Industry

In recent years, Brazil’s gaming market has experienced unprecedented growth. In a recent study by Newzoo consulting, Brazil ranked 13th in terms of global gaming revenue with an estimated $1.5 billion generated by the country’s more than 75 million gamers. Additionally, in 2020, financial transactions via gaming platforms in Brazil grew by an impressive 140%, as compared to 2019.


With this in mind, as part of its ‘Doing Business in Brazil’ series, Baptista Luz Advogados has prepared an e-book with key information for international companies interested in operating within Brazil’s gaming market, covering topics such as American and Brazilian legislation, consumer rights, public policies, intellectual property, loot boxes, streaming and e-sport, amongst others. To download the ‘Doing Business in Brazil: Games Industry’ e-book, please click here


The ‘Doing Business in Brazil’ series is a practical guide for international companies seeking to invest in Brazil. This issue covering the gaming industry is the second of a three-part collection, with the first issue covering the adtechs industry already out and available here. The third volume, covering the Brazilian edtechs sector, will be launched in the upcoming weeks. 


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