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Darts-ip Joins Clarivate Analytics

Case law data and analytics provider Darts-ip was recently acquired by international group Clarivate Analytics.

Case law data and analytics provider Darts-ip was recently acquired by international group Clarivate Analytics.

Clarivate assists companies worldwide to create, protect, monitor and enforce intellectual property rights through patent, trademark and domain data solutions. Darts-ip provides case data to optimize strategies, enhance efficiency and monitor relevant legal precedents across the worlds. The company was founded in Belgium in 2006 and recently won Trends’ ‘best legal tech company’ award in Belgium.


We are proud to become part of a global organization with a great heritage in patents, trademarks and domains,” said Evrard van Zuylen, Managing Director of Darts-ip. “Traditionally, global case law data was not indexed for IP research and often not available digitally, making research difficult. Our AI-driven solutions and analytics enable IP professionals to make more informed decisions through contextual data, making them a great fit for Clarivate’s wide range of IP offerings.


The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) reported in October 2019 that 2018 saw 3.3 million patent applications and 14.3 million trademark filings. Overall, intellectual property filing numbers have grown every year since 2010 with Asia taking more than the lion’s share of global filings. “China alone accounted for almost half of the all the world’s patent filings, with India also registering impressive increases. Asia has become a global hub for innovation,” according to WIPO Director General Francis Gurry.


Intellectual property services – legal and otherwise – have picked up on this and adapted to meet the needs of clients. This combination is one of numerous cases in recent years. In Belgium, the assimilation of Pronovem by Nordic group AWA comes to mind.


The acquisition of Darts-ip helps us [give] customers access to a much wider range of IP solutions and analytics that help solve their most difficult challenges,” said Jeff Roy, President of Clarivate Analytics. It will be fascinating to follow the progression of this combined offering over the next few months.


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