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Damien Andreasen (Co-Founder & CEO, Lawpath): “With Lawpath, lawyers have to compete on price, experience and expertise”

Leaders League. What is Lawpath and how does it make it easier for businesses to get legal services?

Damien Andreasen. Lawpath is an online platform that automates legal services for businesses, from small and medium sized enterprises all the way up to large corporates. We see ourselves as a one-stop shop for any of their legal needs. Many startups and small businesses are unaware of the protections they need to have in place, so the advantage is we provide access to legal services for any business. One feature we offer is company registration, which is a big channel to new customers. From the day a business is founded, we guide them through their unique legal life cycle. Lawpath’s solutions are automated in a way that is easy to use for any business owner who does not have a legal background.


Leaders League. What kinds of added-value services does Lawpath provide to businesses?

D.A. Beyond the documents, we also offer a legal marketplace. When someone needs advice from a lawyer or would like a document they have created on the platform reviewed, they can obtain fixed-price quotes from our legal marketplace of over 800 lawyers that work with us – a major shift from the traditional engagement between business and lawyers where prices were determined by time, with no real transparency regarding the pricing of the services. Fixed-price quotes empower our customers to choose the right lawyer for their needs. This shifts billing from a timebased to an outcome-based solution. The consumer receives the benefit of an open marketplace where lawyers have to compete on price, experience and expertise, to win the job.


Leaders League. Are there plans to expand Lawpath outside of Australia?

D.A. Absolutely! We have always felt that as a tech company we have the ability to spill over into new markets quite easily without necessarily having to open up new offices. However, we are looking at common law countries in the APAC region that are relevant to us in terms of branching out quickly to new regions. We are establishing ourselves in Australia and then we will expand beyond.


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