Chile’s PTL/Prieto Tax & Legal Launches

PTL/Prieto Tax & Legal launched earlier this year, seeking to provide quality legal, tax and accounting services to its clients, founded by a former head of tax at local firm Guerrero Olivos.

Posted vendredi, juillet 24 2020
Chile’s PTL/Prieto Tax & Legal Launches

The firm’s founding partner, José Miguel Prieto, a law graduate from the Universidad de Los Andes, Chile, and with a master’s degree in business law, began his career in the International tax division of Deloitte.

The firm’s co-founding partner is María José López, a law graduate of the Pontificia Universidad Católica, and with a master’s degree in tax law from the Universidad de Chile, and who was a colleague of Prieto’s at Deloitte.

The two partners each have more than 14 years of experience in the legal tax field, and together have built a multidisciplinary team comprising attorneys and tax auditors.

The firm is now serving both Chilean and foreign companies, high-net-worth individuals and family offices, and has built alliances with other law firms and financial advisors to complement its services.