Centurion Plus has opened offices in Frankfurt and Berlin

Pan-African law firm Centurion Plus has opened two offices in Germany.
Keseena Chengadu - Centurion Plus

Pan-African law firm Centurion Plus has opened two offices in Germany.

Keseena Chengadu, co-chair at Centurion Plus, says Europe was acrucial step in the firm’s strategy and that efficiency was a key driver, “Finding the appropriate lawyers for specific projects was extremely time consuming for our European clients”, she explains. “Sometimes such lawyers are needed for a one-off matter or sporadically recurring projects, and in these situations hiring a full- time lawyer is uneconomical.”

In particular, there has been an upsurge in demand for flexible legal solutions since the advent of Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown restrictions. “We have been actively incorporating the Centurion Plus way of working into many of our clients’ businesses over the last few months”, says Chengadu, “and our clients and their employees have found that this has really helped them to develop the correct mindset for remote working.”

Centurion Plus’ clients are able to access legal talent at an affordable rate as and when they require additional legal support, such as to cover an absence or for a specific project or transaction. The move comes following feedback from firm’s European clients, which indicates there is a gap in the market for a NewLaw-type of legal support, which can provide tailored legal solutions on-demand.

Centurion Plus operates under the umbrella of Centurion Law Group (CLG), a legal conglomerate founded by prominent corporate lawyer, NJ Ayuk. Complemented by the support, expertise, and resources of CLG. The firm offers fully agile, on-demand legal services, with the aid of its pool of European and internationally trained, lawyers who are readily available to respond to clients for short-term or long-term projects, to fill gaps of specific expertise or during staffing shortfalls, for example.




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