BSP turns 10 and moves to Leudelange

The 3rd independent law firm in Luxembourg turns 10 years old post spin-off, and, having exceeded 100 employees, is moving to a new building in the business area of Leudelange, Luxembourg.

Posted lundi, juillet 11 2022
BSP turns 10 and moves to Leudelange

New Bsp building in Leudelange

The move will be official as of 1 st of August 2022 and it marks an important step for the firm. With 7 partners in 2012 following the spin-off, BSP now counts on 16 partners covering a full range of practice areas and with a new generation of young partners.

The new building - been realized by architecture + amenagement s.a. - bureau d‘architecture  - has been designed as a pleasant working space, bigger and comfortable for BSP employees, with more single offices, a modern cafeteria with more than 60 places, an auditorium for events, two terraces, a gym and a garden.

Together with wellbeing at work, sustainability and environment have been two of the key drivers of this project, in consistency with BSP values and with the commitment BSP has shown in the last three years organising a number of CSR activities.